Nadia White - Venom sleeping gas KO and put in Bondage EP 1 MP4 HD

7:43 video

Venom is chilling after the evil master plan she executed to get spiderman. The only thing that is left of him is a tiny piece of his costume.


Suddenly the whole room is filled with sleeping gas and it knocks Venom out...

A moment later..

When Venom wakes up she is all tied up in tight green nylon ropes and she is unable to escape... But wait she is Venome she CAN do this. She struggles and squirms around the bed taking all kinds of different positions combining it with a lot of movement to get the ropes a little loose.

But it's of no use the ropes are too tight all her attempts are futile... 

But then suddenly *PPPSSSSSSHHHTTTTTT* 
And Venom is knocked out again...

To be continued

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