Ariel Anderssen & Violet Haze - Bondage Apprentice HD

18:15 video

Ariel is about to learn Violet the basic knots and tying. She starts tying her wrists in front of her Violet is paying attention because she has to tie up Ariel after the instructions. Violet's legs are tied but there is something missing... A GAG!?! Ariel wraps around vet wrap to give Violet a real good experience of how it's done! 

She leaves Violet alone to struggle for a bit. But the ties are so comfortable that Violet isn't struggling hard. 

When Ariel returns Violet is still tied and her gag is in place. She is untied and now it's her turn!

Violet ties Ariel's hands in front of her and her legs exactly like Ariel showed her. She leaves Ariel alone to struggle a bit. But there is something missing... A GAG! Violet cleave gags Ariel with the vet wrap and admires her own work. 

Ariel is now fully tied and gagged as she supposed to be. Violet now knows how to tie someone properly and starts untying Ariel. She removes the cleave gag and they are done!

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