Liz Rainbow - Bondage Gigalo EP 1 MP4 HD

15:32 video

Format : MP4 HD Version

Starring :Liz Rainbow

Featuring : Rope bondage, Bondage, On screen tying, Struggling, On screen gagging, OTM gag, Scarf gag.


Liz is making a phone call to the bondage gigalo service. She asks about the rates and conditions. The answers are like she predicted and she lets him come.

When gigalo Jeff arrives he introduces himself to liz and asks what kind of ties she wants. Liz decides to leave the whole experience up to Jeff. 

Jeff decides to put her in a frogtie with her hands free and without a gag. He lets Liz enjoy it all by herself while he thinks of what to do next. Liz is impressed by his skill and enjoys the feeling of being tied.

After a while Jeff believes that the first part is done and returns to tie her wrists. When he is done doing so he stuffs a panty in her mouth and grabs a orange scarf for a OTM Gag to keep it in. 

Now that she has her hands tied as well Liz enjoys the Bondage even more. You can hear it in the tone of the MMMMPPPHING that it's a great experience for her. She struggles waiting for the next part to start..

To be continued

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