Ariel Anderssen & Violet Haze - Robbed HD

14:39 video

MP4 HD Version

Ariel is giving her daughter Violet a preach about the importance of the current school year. Violet doesn't seem to care much and checks her timeline. 

Ariel suddenly hears a sound who is this?!?! It's a burglar he tells them to stay calm and starts zip tying their wrists. They try to protest but they are sock gagged and microfoam tape gagged to keep them quiet. Now that they are unable to call help the burglar makes sure they don't walk out to get help and zip ties their ankles together.

Ariel and Violet now completely helpless are left alone and the burglar starts searching for valuables. They try to get out of the zip ties but they are too tight.

The burglar has found a bag full of valuables and decides to hogtie both of the women to make sure his escape is without problems. 

Ariel and Violet are in panic now how will they get out of this?!?

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