Violet Haze - Spidergirl Captured EP 1 MP4 HD

7:26 video

Format : MP4 HD Version

Starring : Violet haze

Featuring : Rope bondage,Napping Gas KO, Microfoam Tape gag, Chairtied


Spidergirl Violet gets a distress call from someone in need of saving!?!

When she arrives nobody is in distress what is this?? There is only a empty chair with a note on it that says YOU'RE NEXT! And then there is napping gas injected into the room knocking spidergirl out...

Spidergirl wakes up and is chairtied and microfoam tape gagged by ... ? She tries to escape the very tight ropes but there is no escaping this very tight ties. Spidergirl struggles really hard making a lot of MMMPPPPPHING sounds to call for help but it's of no use... Nobody can hear her. 

She is struggling for a long time already when there is napping gas injected again!?! 

What now?

To be continued..

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