Violet Haze - Witchcraft Gone Wrong HD

25:31 video

*Halloween special*

This is the return of RR exclusive model Violet Haze! 

The very beautiful witch Violet Haze isn't too happy about her love life this Halloween so she casts a love spell to get her the man of her dreams. She is halfway trough the very long love spell when suddenly someone enters the room. 

It's Jeff... He carries a set of ropes, a sponge, an orange scarf and a roll microfoam tape with him. She asks him what he's going to do.. He tells her he feels the urge to tie her up. Violet tells Jeff that she has done a love spell and this wasn't supposed to happen. Jeff tells Violet he has to come 4 times before the spell wears off!?! He ties her wrists very tight and before she could do a spell to reverse the wrong spell Jeff cleave gags Violet... She is left to struggle. 

When Jeff returns he removes her cleave gag and Violet is very frustrated about the whole situation. Her ankles are tied together and before she could do another spell she gets a dry yellow sponge in her mouth.. Jeff puts the orange scarf trough her mouth to keep the sponge in and leaves Violet to struggle again.. 

Violet is struggling to get out of the tight ropes but all her attempts are in vain.. 

Jeff returns again to change Violet her scarf gag to a microfoam tape gag. Violet tries to spit the sponge out but the spell also prevents her to do so!?! Jeff adds 3 layers of microfoam tape  to keep the sponge just in case the spell wears off. Violet is neck tied and left alone again.. 

Violet is pissed off about the situation and is struggling even harder to get out of the tight ropes. The neighbors can't hear her because of her stuffed mouth.. 


Now Jeff returns for the last time! He feels the urge to tickle Violet... By that time the part of the spell that made sure the sponge didn't fall out wore off and Jeff removes her gag. He tickles her a little more and then leaves with Violet still tied tight on the sofa... Help?!?!?

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