Penny Lee - Witchcraft Gone Wrong HD

28:56 video

*Halloween special*

Evil witch Penny has taken a new person from the street to turn into a new sub for her.

She castes the spell that should make him a loyal sub servant but when he is back from the dimension Penny has put him in he suddenly runs away.

The supposed to be sub returns with ropes and a green scarf. He starts tying witch Penny her hands behind her back and her ankles. She tries to make him comply to her orders but then he cleave gags her with the green scarf and leaves. Witch Penny is left to struggle. 

He returns with even more rope and starts tying her knees together and replaces the cleave gag with a OTM gag and stuffs her mouth with a huge white sock. She is struggling really hard but this supposed to be sub is really good at tying.... 

Witch Penny had more than enough but the supposed to be sub returns with an extra rope that he is using on her big beautiful boobs... With her boobs tied up the sub replaces her OTM gag and huge white sock with a Clear tape gag with even a bigger dark sock stuffed away in her mouth. He takes those beautiful big boobs out and leaves her to struggle.

When the sub returns one last time he decides to tickle her for his own dark fantasies. He ungags her and tickles her a little more before leaving her helpless and all tied up.

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