Penny Lee - Robbed at her First Christmas HD

24:16 video

*Holiday Christmas Special*

It's Penny's first Christmas after she had a terrible memory loss. She have read different books about it and got a sexy costume this Christmas. But who is this Santa everybody talks about?

Suddenly a man walks into her room! Is this Santa?!? The man wears a hockey mask and a apron with ropes attached to it. He is surprised that Penny is so calm... Penny explains she suffered memory loss and this is her first Christmas! The man still confused by this situation starts tying Penny's wrists and ankles. She still thinks this is a Christmas "tradition" and lets Jeff tie her. The man gags her with a layer of microfoam tape and leaves her while he is searching her house for valuables. 

When he found a lot of valuables he decides to tie Penny's hands behind her back and change her tape gag to a pantyhose gag with a big sponge to keep all the drool in her mouth. Penny is very confused about this Christmas "tradition" and is now even tied with her hands behind her back with a huge gag to keep her quiet... The man now goes to search for even more valuables that lay around in Penny's home now that she is even more secured. 

Penny now tries to get out of this situation but her hands being tied up behind her back makes it impossible.. 

The man returns to wrap around blue vet wrap to keep her gag in while he is still robbing the place and takes both of her boobs out of her costume. He hogties Penny to keep her in place while he robs her house. 

Penny is really frustrated and don't want to do this "tradition" anymore next year. But there is no escaping the tight hogtie. 


When the man has gathered enough valuables from Penny he even tickles and gropes her a bit for his own pleasure. He leaves her all tied up and alone for Christmas.

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