Luna Grey & Violet Haze - Bitch Best Friends (BBF) HD

28:52 video

In this video, the BFFs Luna Grey and Violet Haze play the roles of two BBFs, fighting over a guy!

The two young college babes, best friends and roommates, had invited a classmate of theirs, Max, who they secretly had developed a huge crush for...

After they had a few drinks, things got a little too awkward for Max... They were just staring at him like a pair of psychos. Really fucking hot psychos, but psychos nevertheless... As soon as he leaves, the two little brats immediately start fighting.

Well it's totally obvious. He's so into me. Have you seen yourself lately, you little c.nt?!

They shout at each other and Luna is about to get one of her EBFs (Extreme Bitch Fit) and comes up with a nasty plan. While Violet turns around, Luna quickly grabs some duct tape she saw lying in the drawer and grabs Violet's hands. 

She ties her up fast and tight with the thick duct tape. Now this will teach that brat a lesson, ha! She binds her nice and tight around her big tits and her hands, arms and legs. But she's still too noisy for the cruel Luna to really enjoy what she's gonna do next...

She gags her with a big pair of panties, shoves them deep into her mouth and finishes off with some more of that duct tape. Mmmmpphhhhhnnnnoommm, Violet cries. Mmpphhfmm mppfhfffmmm! Luna is way more pleased with her friend this way. So much better! This bitch is going to have a little play with that nasty vixen Violet.

She pokes her around and talks to her some more. After a while, she removes her shoes and socks, aaaaaand... oh no poor Violet is so ticklish under her feet!! She's made to scream and laugh and scream more at the same time, but she can't because her voice is so mmmppphhhfff muffled... Did you know, that tickling is also used as a form of torture? 

Suddenly, Mr. Jeff barges in. He has secretly made a copy of Violet's key, being an overly concerned friend. He catches the two brats in the act. WTF!! How could Violet have let this happen to herself?! Luna starts protesting, but Mr. Jeff just sighs and puts Violet on top of the table, he's going to deal with her later!

But first he grabs Luna. He ties her up with the duct tape in the same way as she did to Violet and shoves a spare pantyhose in her mouth he always carries in his back pocket. Can't be too prepared, hehe... 

After that, he puts Violet in a hog-tie, to punish her for letting this happen. He also hog-ties Luna. That'll keep them secure for a while.

After letting them both struggle for some time, Mr. Jeff returns. He's seen that Violet surely has learned her lesson and she may be released. Gently he helps her to get out of the constraints of the tape. Now it's her turn to have a little fun with Luna! This bitch is going to have some sweet revenge! 


After some poking around, Jeff and Violet get hungry and decide to go out for some food. They leave Luna behind, tied up tight and helpless. That's some sweet karma for you, Luna. You get exactly what you deserve...

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