Violet Haze - Sister Put in Bondage After Day Drinking HD

22:03 video

Jeff is waiting on his little sister Violet to get home. She is out day drinking again.. 

When Violet returns home Jeff is already prepared to punish his sister. She doesn't take him serious & lives in HIS apartment. He tries to talk it out but his little sister is so annoying. 

Jeff zip ties Violet so that she won't go out again and to teach her a lesson in behaving like a little sister has to. He stuffs a big black sock in her mouth and keeps in with a tight microfoam tape cleave gag. This will be her first lesson. 

Violet is left alone to struggle in the living room. There is no way she can escape the tight zip ties. 

Jeff returns and Violet is still struggling to get out of the zip ties. Her big mouth is still kept shut with the dirty sock stuffed in her mouth. Violet is lifted from the sofa onto the table where she gets a super tight hogtie. Jeff now ensured that Violet will never escape this goes out all by himself. Leaving his little sister all tied up and massively gagged. 

Violet now even better secured is not accepting this and really fights to get out of this tight hogtie. She screams really hard in the hope that somebody will hear her and release her. 


When Jeff returns from going out it's already morning. Violet is still in her ties and Jeff decides to have some fun for himself. He takes her dr martens half high boots off and starts tickling her. Jeff removes the tape gag and continues tickling Violet Brutally.. After a while Jeff had enough and leaves to get some breakfast. But what about Violet!?!

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