Violet Haze - Girl Next Door Bondage Experience HD

23:35 video

Jeff is just hanging on his sofa doing nothing when suddenly his door bell rings. Who would ring his doorbell?

It's his neighbors 19yr old daughter Violet she sits next to Jeff and remembers him about their talk the other day. They had a talk about bondage and Violet wants to try it out.. Jeff asks her if her parents know that she is at his place? They doesn't know but she really want to have a bondage experience. 

Jeff ties the wrists and ankles and leaves her tied up. Violet struggles to get out of the ropes but she can't escape them. 

Violet is still tied up and Jeff returns with a white tennis sock and a neon green scarf to keep it stuffed in! Violet accepts this as part of her bondage experience. 

When Jeff returns he adds a chest tie to let Violet experience even more ropes on her. Jeff wraps around duct tape to keep Violet quiet completely. Now that he has her secured and ready for her experience he leaves her struggling again. 

Violet is struggling very hard to get out of the tight ties Jeff has put her in. She finally gets her wrists untied! SHE DID IT! Only thing is... Violet is making too much sound trough the tape gag and Jeff takes a look why she sounds so happy. Jeff ties her wrists again and ties them onto the chest tie. Now that she is secured again Jeff can let her struggling. 


When Violet almost had enough Jeff wants some fun to end the experience with. He starts tickling the very ticklish Violet. You can even hear her laugh trough the wrap around tape gag. Jeff removes the tape gag and tickles her even more.. Violet really exhausted by the experience is left alone by Jeff to get out of the ropes..

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