Play Video Penny Lee - Inmate Mistreated HD

24:52 video

Penny is brought in by deputy Jeff. She is caught for shoplifting at a shop in the middle of nowhere. 

Penny already crotchroped is brought to the prison cell at deputy Jeff's office. The deputy has strange ways of "taking care" of his prisoners.. He leaves Penny in her cell with a lot of ropes to wait till he comes back. 

Jeff returns and tells Penny to stand with her face from the door with her hands behind her head. Then he enters the prison cell and starts tying her wrists behind her back. He also ties her ankles together to prevent her from hopping over the jail. He leaves her alone to make a phone call to the prison transport to get this shop lifting criminal out of here. 

Penny struggles to get out of the ropes but Deputy Jeff has made sure she won't escape them. 

The deputy returns because Penny is making too much noise! He cleave gags her with a neon green scarf. Penny has no clue why this strange deputy gags her.. He leaves her bound and cleave gagged in her prison cell. 

Penny struggles in the locked prison cell waiting for Jeff to return. Jeff returns and enters the prison cell. He replaces her cleave gag with a microfoam tape gag and even puts her in a hogtie!?! Now there is NO chance for Penny to escape this situation.. 

Penny struggles really hard but the ropes are too tight and her lips are sealed together with the microfoam tape. 

Jeff returns to have some EXTRA fun with this criminal. He tickles her and notices she is very ticklish. He removes her tape gag and tickles her even more. Deputy Jeff unties Penny and leaves her rope marked 
and locked in the prison cell. 

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