Penny Lee, Bad Dolly & Violet Haze - Crazy Pokefan Bound and Gagged EP 1 HD

14:27 video

Penny and Violet are relaxing on the sofa when suddenly someone knocks their door...

It's a crazy girl with a Pikachu bathing suit and fishnet panties. She doesn't stop talking about some pokestop where their home is on... They try to talk some sense into her but it doens't work. They decide to go with her in the story...

How are they going to get rid of this Pika Girl?!?!

Violet & Penny grab some ropes and start tying her wrists. The Pikachu girl doens't know why they are doing this to her? Violet & Penny continue tying her and they put her legs in a frogtie. They grab her phone and put 1 strip of microfoam tape over her mouth to shut her up. Penny & Violet leave her to call someone to pick her up. 

The Pikachu girl tries to escape the tight ties they have put her in but there is no escaping them. She struggles and squirms all over the floor but her attempts are in vain.

Who is going to save her?

Then there is some guy entering the room. (Who is this?!?!) He unties the Pikachu girl and removes her gag. It's Jeff! Someone the Pikachu met on a Pokemon GO convention. She tells Jeff that she is tied by two mean girls that are the owners of the house. She only wanted to use their pokestop...

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