Penny Lee, Bad Dolly & Violet Haze - Crazy Pokefan Bound and Gagged EP 2 HD

8:44 video

Penny and Violet come back to check on the crazy Pokemon Go girl..

But she is GONE!?!?!

They look around but she is nowhere to be found... Suddenly they are ambushed by the crazy Pokemon GO girl and some dude. They start tying their wrists and ankles. When both Penny & Violet are tied the duo is still missing something... A GAG!?! Violet & Penny get a big sock stuffed in their mouth with 2" Microfoam tape wrapped around. Now that they are completely helpless and unable to scream for help the duo can easily make abuse of their pokestop!

Penny & Violet are left alone by the duo. They try to escape the tight ties they are put in... But all they can do is wiggle to escape the ropes and MMMPPPPHHHING for help. The beautiful bound and gagged duo can only wait for help to come...

Are they going to be saved?

To be continued

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