Violet Haze - Bondage Escort HD

27:03 video

Jeff is going to order a bondage escort to keep him company and to tie her up. He makes a call to the bondage escort agency and they tell him she will arrive in 30 minutes.

Someone knocks the door. It's his bondage escort Violet! Jeff as the gentlemen he is takes her jacket and let her set down on the sofa next to him. He explains to Violet that he wants to do some rope bondage and wants to gag her. Violet as a good bondage escort lets Jeff have it his way. 

Jeff ties her hands in front of her. Violet gets crotch roped and her ankles are being tied. He now stuffs her mouth with a big yellow sponge and cleave gags her with microfoam tape to keep it in. Violets hands are now tied to the crotch rope and she is left to struggle while Jeff is watching her from the corner. 

Violet struggles to get out of these tight ropes but there is no escaping the ties Jeff has put her in. 

When Jeff has seen enough of Violet tied like this he puts another sponge in her mouth and wraps around another layer of microfoam tape to DOUBLE gag her. Jeff now makes it even harder to escape by putting Violet into a hogtie and he is watching her again from the corner of the room. 

She is now even better tied and with every move she makes she gives a pull onto her crotch rope. 


Jeff almost had enough and doesn't want to pay for the full hour (cheapskate). He now tickles Violet under her feet and in her sides. Jeff now unties Violet and removes her double microfoam tape gag and the soaked wet sponges. Violet has delivered her services and gets paid by Jeff for it. Jeff gives her her jacket and her payment and lets her out.

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